SureFly Personal Helicopter | 2-Man Quadcopter

>SureFly Personal Helicopter | 2-Man Quadcopter

SureFly Personal Helicopter | 2-Man Quadcopter


Ever wanted to buy your very own personal helicopter? Here’s your chance! Workhorse brings you SureFly, the Personal Quad-copter ready to bring you lots of fun. This personal helicopter is actually a quad-copter as is uses 4 propellers for a safer, more balanced flying experience. This personal quad-copter can reach an altitude of 4000ft & speeds up of to 70 MPH. The price is also much lower than buying a personal helicopter too!



Find out how easy you can reserve your own Personal Helicopter / quad copter. Here are more specs to get your stomach turning!

  • Electric Driven Props: 2 props per arm, contra rotating. Eight motors, each driving a single propeller
  • Piloted Vehicle designed to carry pilot and passenger or pilot and cargo
  • Curb Weight: 1100lbs. Max Takeoff Weight: 1500lbs
  • Gasoline Piston Engine drives dual generators to provide power to prop motors
  • Dual Lithium Battery Packs: 7.5kWh each, used for emergency landing power (5 minutes) in the event the gasoline generator fails
  • Full computer and electrical system redudancy
  • Ballistic Parachute
  • Fuselage and props are carbon fiber for durability and light weight
  • 70 mph top speed
  • One hour of flight time available per tank of gasoline
  • Flight ceiling of 4000 feet.
  • Fix Prop Pitch and no transitional parts (No wings, tail, tilt rotor or tilt wings) for simplicity and safety

Personal Helicopter For Sale

Clearly, the quadcopter has a spacious interior ready for 2 adults or 1 adult and cargo. It is lightweight as possible, the personal chopper is made of heavy duty carbon fiber. This personal quadcopter also comes equipped with backup batteries so if fuel engines fail you get a 5 minute warning before you crash. Hopefully its going to last longer in future models. Solar powering the batteries may be a simple way to power a personal aircraft like this.

Personal Quad Copter For Sale

To be almost the same size as an SUV, I think its safe to say these personal helicopters may introduce us to the beginning of no wheel travel. Just imagine, dropping your kid off at school in a real personal quadcopter! They will thank you, and you will certainly get to spend more time with them. Just say, im taking the quadcopter. I bet you never have go to the store alone again!

You can read more about this personal helicopter by visiting the SureFly website. If this seems cool but you think you want a small remote control drone, we have those too!

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